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Our Admiral Nurses are a lifeline – by making a donation, you will ensure more families are helped to live more positively with dementia in the present, and to face the challenges of tomorrow with more confidence and less fear.

I can’t thank my Admiral Nurse enough – when I really need care, she’s there.

Penny, carer

The coronavirus crisis has created a wide range of problems for those who are caring for people with the complicated, devastating condition of dementia – and demand for our services is rising as people desperately need specialist advice and support.

Carers and people with dementia may still be feeling anxious and frightened, particularly if they have been shielding due to pre-existing health conditions alongside dementia.

Families may also be in a position where a lot has changed; their relative may have deteriorated after long periods of isolation and carers could be worried about when face-to-face services and other sources of support will resume, storing up a huge amount of emotional distress for them.

No matter how you choose to support us, your donation will mean that we can provide much-needed advice and support to families and carers, particularly through our Dementia Helpline.