Give the perfect gift this Christmas

My name is Liz and I am a dementia specialist Admiral Nurse. I work with families dealing with dementia every day and know that Christmas is different for each of them. For some people with dementia, the music, chatter, and games at Christmas time can be overwhelming; for others, they can be a comfort.

Right now, there are so many people who are anxious and stressed because they don’t know how their loved one will react this Christmas, which could mean having to cancel plans at the last minute, or dealing with upset if they don’t recognise close family members, or shout at grandchildren for being noisy.

I’m so proud that my colleagues and I will help so many people this year. But there are still many more who desperately need our help – and with someone in the UK developing dementia every three minutes, we need your support now more than ever.

That’s why the perfect gift you could give to families facing dementia this Christmas is support from a specialist dementia nurse like me.